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Sound Sync'd Recorder - Multi-track Audio Recording Using Synchronized iOS Devices

Up until now, microphones, mixers, and other external hardware were needed to turn an iOS device into a multi-channel/multi-track audio recorder. Now with Sound Sync'd Recorder you can create multi-track audio recordings using just iPhones and iPads without any additional hardware. In fact the devices do not even have to be in the same location. Once a set of devices have been "synced up" they can be independently operated at any location. For example, using Sound Sync'd Recorder you and a group of friends can record an outdoor concert from all around the venue with individual devices and then combine the recordings into an mixed down immersive multi-track stereo sound experience.

How to Use

To record using a new set of iOS devices, all of the devices must be synced. Open the Sound Sync'd Recorder app on each device. If an app has never been synchronized "sync" will be red. If an app has been previously synchronized "sync" will be blue. Tap "sync" at the bottom right. Do this for all devices. Clap or make another quick sound with range of the devices. Click "ok" on each device. If "sync" turns green on all apps indicating the app is synchronized, you're done; otherwise, repeat the above process. All apps must be synchronized before you record.

Just before the event you want to record begins, each person should launch their app and tap "+" at the top left to start recording. The GPS location of the device is saved at this time and is associated with the audio file. Tap again to stop recording.

After you are done recording, touch the organize icon at the top right. Tap the file you just recorded to play it back. To share your recording with friends, tap the action icon on the bottom and select "export".

Close Sound Sync'd Recorder, go to your mail app, and open emails from friends who have shared their recordings. Store each file in Sound Sync'd Recorder. You have to close the app after each import.

Now re-launch Sound Sync'd Recorder and select the files you want to combine, tapping "add" for each file selected, and "combine" when done. A new stereo sound file is automatically mixed down from the individual tracks you and your friends have recorded. Tracks are combined based on their relative GPS location. Future versions of the app will provide additional mix down/surround sound options.

You can also export individual track files (wav format) to external audio applications. Large files should be transferred via iTunes File Sharing, which is enabled for the app.

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