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Pitch to Piano Note (Version 2.0)

Pitch to Piano Note is a pitch detection app that detects the pitch of musical instruments and voice in live audio captured by the microphone. It displays a time history of notes aligned with a piano keyboard. Use Pitch to Piano Note for ear and voice training. N.B. If multiple pitches are present Pitch to Piano Note displays the strongest pitch.

Now compatible with Audiobus. Use 1024 frame latency control setting in Audiobus for best detection performance, particularly for voice.

The app starts up ready to detect the pitch of the human voice. You must change settings for instrumental sounds (see below). Adjusting the top slider changes the input level. Sing or play into the device and adjust the slider until the pitch detector triggers. The detected note is displayed at the top. Detected notes are displayed in "piano roll" format.

Tap "Settings" to change pitch detectors and ranges. Pitch to Piano Note uses several types of pitch detector. "0 db (voice)" is for solo voice; "3 db", "6 db", and "9 db" are for instrumental music. Different combinations of detectors (e.g., filter banks, correlators, etc.) are invoked depending on the signal to noise ratio. There are seven performance ranges:

  • Full range (C2-C7)
  • Whistling (C5-C7)
  • Soprano (C4-C6)
  • Mezzo-soprano (A3-B5)
  • Alto (F3-F5)
  • Tenor (C3-C5)
  • Baritone (F2-F4)
  • Bass (E2-E4)
Some experimentation may be required to determine the best settings for your application.

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