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Pitch to Note + Chord

Pitch to Note + Chord detects musical pitches that are displayed as notes on a standard musical staff. Built-in music understanding algorithms automatically determine the correct key, adding sharps or flats as appropriate for that key. Pitch to Note + Chord recognizes 12 types of chords. It is a universal app that runs on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

The bottom toolbar lets you select either "Live Music" - music and sounds picked up by the device's built in microphone - or "iTunes" - any song from your iPod library. After a brief conversion delay (which depends on the length of the song), tap the play button to start the song.

Tap "Settings" to select the chords you want to use.

Thirteen types of chord are defined:

  • Single note (no chord)
  • 5th (no 3rd)
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Diminished
  • Augmented
  • Dominant 7th
  • Minor 7th
  • Major 7th
  • Sustained 4th
  • Diminished 7th
  • Minor 7th with flat 5th
  • Minor with #7th
Tap "Settings" to select what chords are active (bottom section of the table). Only those that are active will be matched against the music being played. Tap the screen to play the current chord. The top right slider controls the rate at which chords change. Move it to the left for frequent changes (less accurate), or to the right for more smoothing and greater accuracy.

Although Pitch to Note + Chord often doesn't recognize the exact chord it will usually detect musically similar chords; e.g., a diminished instead of a dominant 7th, or an minor instead of a major 7th.

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