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Pitch to Note

Pitch to Note detects and displays musical pitch information in real-time from live audio on your iOS device. The app uses a first-order gamma-tone filter bank to detect musical pitches in the range C3-B7. Tuning options allow you to tune up an instrument to Pitch to Note, or Pitch to Note to your instrument. The app has been redesigned with three new displays for functionality and fun. For better results with voice try Pitch to Piano Note or MIDI Voice Controller.

Now compatible with Audiobus. Use 1024 frame latency control setting in Audiobus for best detection performance.

Operating Instructions

The left display button on the bottom toolbar lets you select one of four displays.

Spectrum displays the raw output from the filter bank as a bar graph from C3 to B7. The note name of the strongest detected pitch is displayed in the middle of the toolbar.

Piano roll shows the strongest note displayed over time. In most music where multiple instruments are playing Pitch to Note will detect the strongest sound, and so will not always follow the melody unless it is much louder than the accompaniment.

The next display shows the filter bank displayed as a bubble chart. Musical sounds that contain harmonic overtones are revealled in this display.

The last display collapses the filter bank into a single octave and renders pitch in a radial plot, where the direction of the line is the pitch and the length of the line is its relative strength. Color is used here like in the other displays to represent note value. Notes are arranged in a circle of fifths that can sometimes reveal key information. Our What Key and Keyometer apps determine musical key in live audio.

The default tuning on start-up is A4=440 Hz. Tap "Tune" on the top control bar to change the A4 reference pitch frequency. The slider that lets you change the tuning frequency from 415-465 Hz. Tap reset to go back to A4=440 Hz.

To tune up your instrument, play any note. The spectrum will peak as you approach the correct tuning. To tune Pitch to Note to your instrument, adjust the slider for maximum response.

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