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Heart Rate Display

Detect and display your heart rate using an iPhone or iPod/Touch. No need to put your finger over the camera and no bright lights needed like other heart rate apps. Just hold your phone steady and Heart Rate Display does the rest.

Sit or stand. Hold the device in one hand. Rest that arm on the edge of a stable surface like a table midway between your hand and elbow. Start up app. Do not move. It takes 5-10 seconds for the device to auto-adjust the signal from the accelerometer (this is the blue line in the top graph). The detection algorithm takes about 10-20 seconds to find your heart beat (middle graph). The red line is your detected heart rate (40-240 beats per minute). The bottom graph plots your heart rate over a 5 minute period.

App automatically captures screen shot every 30 seconds. Tap upper left button to send email with latest screen shot attached.

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