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Play drums anywhere, any time, on any iOS device. Drum-O-Rama HD contains hundreds of drums and percussion sounds from around the world. Modify our drum sets or create your own. Where most drums apps give you a fixed setup, Drum-O-Rama HD let you create your own sets. Position your pads anywhere on the screen, even inside another pad (plays both at once). Drum pads have beat sequencers that can play rhythm patterns once when you tap them or can loop. For example you can loop cymbals and hi-hat and play snare and kick, tapping the toms for fill-ins. Drum-O-Rama HD contains eight of our own drum kits, with room for 24 of your own. All setups are automatically saved when the app shuts down and are there ready to be played next time around.


There are 4 control bars on the top that you access by sliding your finger left/right.

Slide your finger all the way to the right for play mode. In play mode you can select the drum set (SET-- and SET++), specify manual/automatic playing (MAN/AUTO), and change the tempo (BPM-- and BPM++).

To play the drums manually select MAN. AUTO engages automatic playing where selected pads play a beat pattern once or repeatedly depending on how they are programmed. Repeated patterns are useful for ride cymbals and hi-hats; once-played patterns can be assigned to toms for fill-ins, for example.

When you tap any control a short description of that control is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Slide your finger to the left for play mode (middle control). This mode is used to modify the current set or create a new setup. The middle control bar contains the following buttons:
  • BANK - Changes the sound bank. Sounds are organized into 12 groups: bass (kick) drums, congas, cymbals, middle eastern drums, djembe, snare drums, street sounds, song loops, tabla, timbale, toms, and traps.
  • SOUND - Changes the sound within a bank: for example for Dejembe can can select: hi-bass, hi-slap, hi-tone, lo-bass, lo-slap, and lo-tone.
  • CREATE - Adds a new pad in the center of the screen. Change the sound, shape, color, size, and move it anywhere you like.
  • DELETE - Deletes the selected pad.
  • COPY - Copies this setup so it can be pasted into another setup.
  • PASTE - Pastes the previously copied setup into the current setup location. Note this overwrites the old setup in this location.
  • SIZE - Change the size of the selected pad. Larger pads are easier to play with two fingers.


Slide your finger further to the left for beat mode. In beat mode you can program rhythm patterns on drum pads in the current set. Set the number of beats in the pattern, the resolution, the play mode, and the pattern itself. The top-right bar contains the following controls:

  • Number of beats in the loop is the left-most button. Tapping the button changes the number of buttons (1-8) on the right side of the control bar. Each button is a beat in the sequence. + plays the pad and - is a rest. Each pad has its own settings.
  • Resolution of the beat pattern: 1/24 = quarter notes, 1/16 = quarter note triplets, 1/12 = eighth notes, 1/8 = eighth note triples, 1/6 = sixteenth notes, 1/4 = sixteenth note triplets.
  • Tap OFF to play the selected pad manually, ONCE to play the beat sequence just once when you tap the pad, and LOOP to play the pattern repeatedly.
Eight example drum sets are provided, which you can change in any way.


Sliding your finger all the way to the left reveals the following controls:

  • Volume - Each pad can have its own volume level
  • Attack (iPad only) - Useful for lengthening the attack of some sounds like cymbals.
  • Release (iPad only) - Useful for shortening the decay of percussion sounds.
  • Pitch - Shifts the pitch of the sample
  • Delay - Changes the reverb delay time
  • Decay - Changes the reverb decay rate
  • LPF - Varies the lowpass cutoff frequency
Note that the position of the sound in space (i.e., left-right) depends on the left-right position of the pad.
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