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Drum Circle Jam

Drum Circle Jam provides 9 different drums/drum sets that can be recorded on up to 7 repeating tracks or "loops". The tempo is adjustable. Loops contain 1-16 beats. Each beat is divided into 24 clicks that captures slight differences in beat, which make the rhythm sound more "organic" and less mechanical, or use the quantizer to clean up mistakes. When the player stops, the loop starts repeating the rhythm.

Top Controls

The left button selects the track. Tracks 2-8 are auto-tracks that loop when you stop playing. Track 1 does not trigger looping.

The middle button selects the drums/drum set:

  • Dumbek/Darbukka
  • Djembe
  • Table
  • Conga/Tumba
  • Timbale
  • Traps
  • Jazz Kit
  • Techno Kit
  • Street Sounds

The right button selects the current preset. 16 presets are provided for saving your drum jams. Tracks and settings are written into the select setup.

Bottom Controls

From left to right: Tap the metronome to turn it on/off. Increase/decrease the tempo by tapping the -BPM and +BMP buttons. The next button lets you change the number of beats per loop from 1-16. Quantization simplifies/corrects rhythm. Tapping the quanitize button runs through the following settings:
  • off - no simplification/correction
  • t/16 - quantizes to 16-th note triplets
  • 1/16 - quantizes to 16-th notes
  • t/8 - quantizes to 8-th note triplets
  • 1/8 - quantizes to 8-th notes
  • 1/4 - quantizes to quarter notes
The right button starts/stops the sequence.

Shake It

Shaking clears all sounds from the current setup (top right button). If you shake the device and the current preset is cleared, it generates a random rhythm across all 7 looping tracks. Using the quantizer and varying the sets on each track (top left and middle buttons) can produce some interesting and unique drums beats.

Some Ideas

Record a drumming session in one meter (e.g., 8 beats per loop) and play it back at a different one; e.g., 5 beats/per loop. Record at one tempo and play back at another. You can also use Drum Circle Jam for live performance. Create and store beats ahead of time in the app's 16 presets that you can recall and play with just a few taps.
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