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Geospatial Photo/Video Science Apps OSX Apps

Sound Sync'd Recorder

Create multi-track audio recordings using just iPhones and iPads without any additional hardware.

Solar Exposure "Lite"

Displays the seasonal path of the sun in the camera view of your iPhone or iPad.

Sonar Utility App

Multi-function iPhone app measures range, temperature, and generates 360° "sonic" images of your surrounding space.

Heart Rate Display

Detect and display your heart rate using an iPhone or iPod/Touch. Unique approach uses the accelerometer to detect the heart beat.


See magnetic fields on your iPhone/iPad device. Draw patterns in the air using a magnet or magnetic object near the device and watch them appear on the screen.

Magnetic Anomaly Detector

Measures differences in magnetic field strength. Monitor changes in Earth's magnetic field, find nails in studs, investigate paranormal phenomena and UFOs.

Solar Exposure

Determines how much sunlight a particular location receives per day. Takes into account shadows from trees, houses, and other structures.
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