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Elastic Video

Elastic Video is a variable-speed time lapse camera that adjusts the frame rate based on the amount of change in the video automatically combining time-lapse and standard video recording in one application.

3d Movie Camera

Uses the motion of the camera to take movies with a 3-D effect.

Pan 3d

Stereo scanning algorithm takes a 3D panorama without any special lenses. Compatible with cardboard and other "side by side" stereo virtual reality (VR) image viewers.

Trek Video

Simultaneously records location metadata along with the video. When you play back the video your location is plotted along a track on a map.

Extended Time Lapse

Take extended time lapse videos from hours to days. Exports movies with/without location metadata and/or KML data for display on Google Earth.

Far-Out Flicks

Combines photos with live camera video to create a unique visual experience. Includes video FX and background substitution.

Meta Pict

Displays a picture from your camera roll on a map oriented in the direction the picture was taken and shows all of its meta data (EXIF).

EZ 3d Photo

Takes 3-D photos in one quick swipe with your iPhone.

KML Camera

Creates KML files containing pictures, text, movies and sound that you can display in KML Map and Google Earth.


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