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Wrist Rhythm

Detect wrist gestures that are converted to rhythmic patterns. Select between MIDI mode that wirelessly sends control signals to external MIDI devices, or an internal sound mode that plays samples from sound library.

World Drums

Play drums from around the world including Dumbek, Djembe, Tabla, Timbale, a Western drum kit, and more. Play along with songs from iTunes.

Tap Rap

Tap Rap lets you program and play synthetic speech sounds using a 4x4 array of touch pads. Each pad can be programmed independently.


Create drum setups with programmed beat patterns. Hundreds of drum sounds.

Drum Space

Maps drum and percussion sounds to a 16x10 array of control pads placed in a 2-D "sound space".

Drum Circle Jam

Play and record drums loops from 1-16 beats using 9 different drums/sets on up to 8 tracks.
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