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Multi-pad touch controlled synth that plays more like a real instrument than a conventional synth, allowing the user to articulate control synth parameters while playing.

Uber Synth

Uber Synth creates a continuous palette of sound by blending individual sound patches across the keyboard.

xMod FM Synth

Triple-oscillator MIDI-controllable FM synthesizer with sound map.

xMod Lite

Reduced functionality version of xMod with the same great sound.

The Bach Machine

Multi-timbral synthesizer plays Bach. Automatically selects from playlist containing hundreds of Bach concerti, sonatas, inventions, etc.

Mandala Music

A new kind of musical instrument that is played by tapping touch-sensitive pads arranged in a circle. Uses boomwhacker color scheme.

Mandala Music HD

Play and compose multi-track compositions with cool auto-loop features. Change the modality, tempo, the sound (pitch, harmonics, dynamics), the meter, and rhythm.

Mantra Music

Relax, meditate, explore new sounds, or create innovative riffs in unusual time signatures.
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